SUNdition Scalp Sunscreen

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Sundition Scalp and Body Sunscreen
Designed for your head, Good for your body!

"SUNdition has gone from an idea on a paper napkin to a reality", states SUNdition founder and mother of 3, Carol Earle. Working as a Cosmetologist since 1995, Carol learned first hand the damage the sun could inflict on an unprotected and sensitive scalp. More often than not, Carol's clients weren't aware they had skin problems on their scalps until she brought it to their attention.
Something had to be done! If such a high percentage of her customers had sun damage, image what the rest of world was facing. Carol was determined to make a difference in peoples lives and perhaps even help save a few along the way. SUNdition scalp sunscreen is born!
Skin cancer is of global concern and SUNdition offers a daily solution to protect the area of your body most prone to sun damage, your head! SUNdition's alcohol-free formula offers an unparalleled balance of protection and natural ingredients that will satisfy even the most discriminating customers.
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