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SUNdition Press Release

For immediate release:

US-NV - Nevada, USA based company New Horizons Unlimited, LLC (NHU) have launched a new campaign to promote their innovative Patent Pending SUNdition product - a revolutionary SPF 15 sunscreen that is also a salon quality hair conditioner making it a very effective product to use in the fight against skin cancer on the scalp and head area. (Dermatologists agree, areas of the head including the scalp, ears, nose, neck and face are far more exposed and therefore more prone to sun damage than any other part of the human body).

Research suggests that of all skin cancer deaths in the US annually, 17% are attributed to Melanoma occurring on the scalp. Although your hair offers some level of UV protection, it also hides the early signs of skin cancer preventing early detection which allows skin cancer to progress into the life threatening stages.

SUNdition is manufactured in the USA, is hypoallergenic, non-greasy, alcohol free and its water like consistency is very light on the skin making it completely safe to use everyday.

NHU said, 'More than 90% of all skin cancers are caused by sun exposure, yet fewer than 33% of the population routinely use a sunscreen like SUNdition.'  'Our goal is to provide a safe sunscreen that is so convenient and easy to apply, that it becomes part of everyone's daily morning routine.' The idea that sunscreen is just for those who intend on spending the day at the beach is a fallacy. The truth is, the harmful effects of the sun are cumulative and essentially begin the first time you are exposed to the sun, which makes daily UV skin protection more important than that one day at the beach.

SUNdition is available in a 2oz. spray bottle and family-sized 6oz. bottle and features an advanced solar skin complex containing Ginkgo, Green Tea and Natural Melanin Antioxidant Extracts to reduce free radicals. SUNdition scalp and body sunscreen, Designed for your head, good for your body!TM

Contact Information:

New Horizons Unlimited, LLC Carson City, NV 89706,  888-786-3484,



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Donate here to the "LIVESTRONG Foundation"

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Excerpt from her personal experience with skin cancer:  Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Some receive treatment and continue living their lives; others are not so fortunate. Skin cancer does not discriminate with its recipients. Itís not just what we do now, but what we did years ago that can effect the risk potential...  (full story)
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