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Sundition Testimonials:  What our customers have to say!


Hi there ..


Rec'd the Hot August Nights in time for our cruise last month .. and it truly prevented my scalp/head from burning... Can't thank you enough for making a great product.  I keep the bottles by the back door now and spray it onto my head before I head out to work in the garden.  Will definitely buy from you again !!!

In loving memory of our Harlee
- Rosemarie
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Comments:  Let me just tell you about your stuff. We were on jet skies from 10 am until about 5 pm all day Saturday, the 11th, and again on Sunday, the 12th, out on the colorado river by laughlin, nevada, with no clouds all day and triple digit temperatures. Since you can't easily wear a hat or even a visor while riding these things, we had no protective covering other than your spf 15 scalp spray. We put it on a good 30 minutes before exposure, so it had time to do its thing. There was a re-apply after lunch time. At the end of the day on Saturday, there was no tingling due to excessive sun. The same was true for Sunday. There was no tingling at the beginning of the day, which is what you'd expect from being in the sun all day Saturday. And there was no tingling at the end of the day on Sunday. Thanks for the great product and keep up the good work. Terry B. - Torrance, CA.

Comments:  I've searched high and low for a sun screen product that I could use mainly on my hair part/scalp area that was not greasy and did not have a strong fragrance that would attract insects.  Well, Sundition is by far, the best and perfect product for me!  I have very fair skin and wanted to be able to protect my scalp from getting sunburn when walking from the train station to work every day during the summer.  All it takes is about 10 minutes for my skin to turn pink and that was how long my walk took.  When I use Sundition, I don't get sunburned and my hair does not get weighed down.  I love the product so much that I carry it around in my pocketbook everywhere I go.  It also works great for a quick application on your face, neck, ears, arms or anywhere else that you might expose your skin to the sun's damaging rays.  Thanks for creating such a great product!- Deborah K. Kluczinsky, West Haven, CT
COMMENTS: Sundition ROCKS, I used it in Aruba, where the sun is brutal .. I put in on in the morning and re-applied after swimming and I had absolultely no problems with a burned scalp. Love it.... especially the fact that i could style my hair as usual. Thanks for a wonderful product! – Lyn, New Jersey

COMMENTS: I drive a convertible and have thin hair so needed something like this to get protection when wearing a visor instead of a hat. – Jim, South Carolina

COMMENTS: The best scalp product I have found. Works well. It would be nice if there was a way to make more water proof....let us know if that is in the plan. I like the way it leaves hair....not greasy. – William, Indiana

COMMENTS: For the first time I was able to go on vacation and not end up with a sunburn on my scalp from wearing pony tails and braids. – Tamby, FL

COMMENTS: I use it as a sunscreen on my face with good results.

COMMENTS: I’m bald and I use the product on my scalp every day. I love the fact that it does not burn my eyes when I perspire. – Mike, Philadelphia.

COMMENTS: I have recommended Sundition to both tanning and hair salons, it’s great!

COMMENTS: There is nothing to compare to Sundition when it comes to protecting the scalp. I have not seen anything on the market for scalp sunscreen, besides the one for babies (which is basically a lotion that makes your hair oily- tried it). After applying, hair felt as if a light hairspray/light gel had been sprayed, which helps with flyaway hair. Overall...I like the product and would highly recommend it to my family and friends, and I would definitely buy this product again even if it isn't available in my local store.
Thank you for making such a great product that prevents skin cancer. :)

COMMENTS: I have already experienced skin cancer three times, once on the scalp. Your product has been a great find. My hair was left manageable and not greasy, while giving me comfort that I am getting protection from the sun's harmful rays. I look forward to it becoming more widely available in stores. - Carol, New York

COMMENTS: It would be great if you sold it in stores. I would buy a lot more because shipping & handling is soooo expensive. I live in Toronto, Canada & we don't have any products like this here. I believe the market is wide open & the product would fly off the shelves! - Cheryl, Canada

COMMENTS: I bought this for my husband (thinning hair) and my son (very short military haircut). I was worried about sun damage for both, as they work on the water all day. They both used and loved this product. I feel better that they are both protected. Thank you for your product. – Ms. Shupper