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Scalp Sunscreen and Sundition FAQ

How long does it take to receive my order?

*Typically, orders placed Monday - Thursday, will ship within 24 hours. Orders placed on Fridays normally go out the following business day.  The time it takes the order to reach you after it has been shipped, depends on the shipping method chosen during check out. 

*Note: From October through the end of March, orders will be processed and shipped every Thursday.

Can I use Sundition on my small children?

Yes!  But keep in mind, as with any sunscreen, consulting with a qualified medical professional prior to applying to a child 6 months old or younger is highly recommended.
What is the SPF of Sundition?
Our current water-based formula is SPF15.

Why does Sundition only have an SPF of 15?

After numerous formulations we have found that in order to achieve a higher SPF than 15, something else had to be sacrificed. In every case a higher SPF introduced an oily or greasy feeling in the hair or caused it to be unmanageable. With Sundition you get the maximum sun protection without compromising the feel and stylability of your hair.

Will an SPF 15 provide the protection I need?

In most cases, when applied as directed, an SPF 15 will provide significant protection from the sun. The difference in UV protection between an SPF 15 and an SPF 30 may surprise you.  Believe it or not, the SPF 15 stops 93% of UVB rays while an SPF 30 only stops 96.7%.   The additional chemicals used in sunscreens greater than SPF 30 are more detrimental to the user than the perceived increase in UV protection it implies.
The idea behind Sundition is to use it daily because the harmful effects of the sun are cumulative and occur everyday.  The days of applying sunscreen only when you go to the beach, are over.  Your head is always exposed to the sun and far more prone to skin cancer than other parts of the body.  Making Sundition a part of your morning routine is easy and can help reduce the signs of aging and skin damage caused by the sun.
Sunblock or Sunscreen, what's the difference?
Sunblock is a physical sun blocker like clothing.  Sunscreen simply absorbs the sun's rays.

Is Sundition only for the scalp?

The original design of Sundition was exclusively for the scalp. However, after a few modifications and enhancements, it can now be used all over the body. Sundition is the perfect sun protection for the entire family, from head to toe!  Designed for your head, Good for your body!TM

Is Sundition water/sweat resistant?

Sundition is a water-based and alcohol free sunscreen designed to be an effective means of sun protection when applied through the hair and on to the scalp.  A great benefit is that Sundition can be easily rinsed/washed away at the end of the day preventing that nasty buildup you get from other sunscreens.  Typically the ingredients that provide water resistance or waterproofing in traditional sunscreens are oil/alcohol based which cause hair to be oily, greasy and promote buildup.  Sundition is not your "traditional" sunscreen by any stretch, it's ground breaking!  So if you are planning on going for a dip, reapply Sundition when you dry off.  Note:  In the fine print, all sunscreen manufacturers recommend frequent reapplication especially after exposure to water, sweating and towel drying.
Does Sundition offer UVA/UVB protection?
If you live in any of the following countries/continents, Sundition provides the best Broad Spectrum protection you can buy!
  1. Australia - The sun protection capital of the world!
  2. Europe
  3. East Asia - Including:  Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Brunai, Darussalam, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore.
  4. China
  5. South Korea
  6. Brazil
  7. South Africa
We would venture to say that you would receive the same effectiveness right here in the good olé US of A.
Do you test on animals?
Absolutely not!  Our products are all cruelty free.
Where is Sundition manufactured?
How is Sundition applied?
Sundition is water light, not a lotion, and is applied with a pump sprayer making it easy to reach those hard to reach places.
If I don't use my Sundition for a few weeks the pump sprayer sometimes becomes clogged, how do I prevent this from happening?
  • Sundition should be used daily for maximum effectiveness.  This will also prevent the pump from becoming obstructed.
  • Don't toss the cap.  The pump may become clogged when the product dries over time.  The cap helps retain moisture and lengthens the drying time between uses.
  • Wipe the face of the sprayer after use.
How do I clear the pump sprayer?
If your pump sprayer becomes clogged, simply run warm to hot water over the hole for a couple minutes.  More time under the water may be necessary depending on how long the product has been sitting.  We will gladly replace any defective sprayer free of charge.
Satisfaction Gaurantee: 
If Sundition does not meet your expectations, please contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will make it right!